You can inquire about our self-pay resources. 

Theranista Wellness, PLLC will assess your current need for change and assist you in locating the therapist that best suits your needs.

Therapy can last as long as you feel as though it is beneficial to your situation or overall wellness.

As soon as you book a session and payment is received.

No, you do not, however, if medication management is being recommended, Theranista Wellness, PLLC will make a referral.


A Creative Director is responsible for the conception, design, and on-brand execution for your personal self or business. 

Providing fashion advice and coordinating outfits, props and accessories for your event, photoshoot, etc. 

To assist you in improving your current overall current style, or assisting you in stepping out of your comfort zone for a certain event.

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No you do not, although you can be, I service individuals, families, couples, brands, established apparel and beauty lines for any event or situation, small or big.